Y the Last Man

see also: The overuse of the word, “Awesome”.

Just how awesome is, “Y the Last Man”? I finished reading all sixty issues in two days. This is the first book I’ve read in a long time that just refused to be put down. I read it in between work at the office, I read it at home, I read it while the boyfriend sulked on the couch (sorry, babe), I read it til I wanted to cry because I was at the last page of an awesome, awesome story.

In, “Y…“, an unknown cause kills every mammal that possesses the Y chromosome. The only exception is, Yorick (I sees what you did with the title thar!), an amateur magician/escape artist and his monkey, Ampersand. Yorick is joined by 355,  a secret agent who works for a sooper-sikret US government agency, and Allison Mann, a geneticist who’s out to discover what killed off the men and why Yorick was the sole survivor.

The serious subject matter, which delves in feminism, religion, & politics, is well balanced by the wit and humor of the characters involved. There are also one-breasted ultra feminist Amazons, monkey sex, male-impersonating prostitutes, bloody fight scenes, and lots of girl-on-girl action.

Awesome cakes. Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, you guys are made of awesome.

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6 thoughts on “Y the Last Man”

  1. 🙂
    Wow you’ve read Transmetropolitan too?
    To be honest Y lang ata ang nabasa ko ng kumpleto–sa graphic novels.

    Aus din daw yung “Ex Machina” ni Vaughan.

    Yep, naisip ko na nga rin to buy it eh, kaso ang mahal kasi eh LOL.
    Pero gusto ko bumili ng other merchandise, kahit yung big Y logo lang on a t-shirt, kaso no one makes ’em pa!

    am still recovering from it pa.

    good day!

    1. Me too! I haven’t had a hard time getting over comics since Sandman. Haha.

      Read Transmetropolitan, too! Super galing!

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